I am pleased to say that I have won the Rethink Pringle Arts award 2011 with the poem below entitled “LOVE” I chose the title because LOVE is the main mover in recovery. [...]

Proud (how we feel about Christian)

My youngest son, Christian John, Suffers from schizophrenia He suffers each day in silence With a kind and gentle demeanour But look deeply beyond his label To the baby I held in my arms To the [...]

A Meagre Cost

If you’re wise you’ll take care of your carers Because carers really care Miraculously 24/7 carers are always there Carers prevent a relapse time and time again Carers provide such solid support [...]


Imagine a new understanding We’ve waited patiently now for years The pain we’ve suffered through STIGMA Has created a river of tears Imagine holding our heads up high No more whisperings-secrets [...]

Mini Institutions

Sat up in their ivory towers They designed this brilliant scheme None of them knew what was needed None of them heard us scream Let’s knock down the institutions they said We’ve got a far better [...]

There But For The Grace Of God

Can there be a harder journey than for those who lose their minds? Can we grasp the slightest inkling of their pain? Hallucinations angry voices invade their precious time Forcing fragile minds [...]

Who We Are

Schizophrenia is a learning curve It’s made us who we are 2 decades on and now your 35 We were shell shocked we were grieving We marvelled at your strength Your iron will that helped you to [...]

The Word

(We were not told for years what was wrong with Chris so consequently I didn’t accept that he had schizophrenia, this next poem attempts to explain this) Schizophrenia there its done [...]

Gritting My Teeth For The Fight

(Chris had just given up an office job after 10 weeks, his 4th attempt to work, and had returned to Thurrock. Mind, I was passing the allotment where he and other clients were working, it was a [...]

One Day Mum

Nine Mum long years have been and gone Are we any further on? The years just seem to come and go Recovery savagely, grindingly slow Others outside looking in Can’t perceive the pain [...]

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