In Poems

Imagine a new understanding
We’ve waited patiently now for years
The pain we’ve suffered through STIGMA
Has created a river of tears
Imagine holding our heads up high
No more whisperings-secrets or lies
Lets bare the soul of Mental Distress
No more need for it’s meagre disguise
Imagine that Carer’s talk openly
We don’t hide behind assumed names
We talk about loved ones with pride and respect
Long gone are the feelings of shame
Imagine a new understanding
Equal amounts of compassion
Get well cards-flowers-comforting words
Will never again be on ration
Imagine that reporters change the way that they write
Words like Schitzo and Psycho are finally kept out of sight
Imagine a new understanding
No more alienation from the norm
Imagine that new generations
Are educated from the day they are born
Imagine our neighbours welcoming us
No more protests as to where we reside
Social inclusion won’t be an illusion
Imagine the lift to our pride
It’s time 4 change it’s time for the truth
To relieve decades of painful frustration
Imagine we make this a reality
Not a figment of IMAGINATION

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