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Georgina Wakefield has written five published books which include her latest and most personal book, “Loving Christian – One Family’s Journey Through Schizophrenia”. If you would like to order a copy simply send us an email via this website or order from Amazon or direct from the publisher, PCCS Books.

One in Four magazine carried out a review of Georgina’s latest book and here’s an extract of what they had to say, calling it a “dynamic, passion-filled read”;

“The author makes a direct challenge to public ignorance and highlights fatal flaws in mental health services – yet what the book ultimately offers is an enduring message of hope. Wakefield’s informal, frank tone throughout, as well as the collaborative nature of the book renders it a refreshingly open dialogue. This book gives carers fact-based advice and an opportunity to learn as Wakefield optimistically forges lessons for others from what have often been traumatic experiences for her and her family.”

Georgina has said: “For many years I felt afraid to say ‘my son suffers from Schizophrenia’ due to the negative perception all too often portrayed by the media. When I started to write books about our journey my whole attitude changed and I decided to place a ‘Spotlight On Schizophrenia’ – we refuse to hide like lepers under cloaks we are extremely proud of our son. We will continue to campaign for all those who have been unlucky enough to develop a mental illness something that is no more than a tragic life event.”

Georgina is also co-author to five other books regarding mental health issues. She is an accomplished public speaker and has spoken at many conferences nationally. She is an Honorary Lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry where she has delivered “The Carers Perspective” through three short courses for the past 10 years.

Georgina’s husband, Paul, has been a Carer to both Georgie and Christian.

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