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“I can only hope that my work provides some insight into how brave people who suffer from any kind of mental distress are forced to be.”

Christian lives independently, works part time and employs a personal assistant through the Government Direct Payments Scheme, he is also taking a course in literature. For people to recover we must feed the spirit, medication alone is just one small part of the jigsaw. We support personalisation, direct payments and individual budgets because it gives people choice and control over their lives. We describe this as a key to social inclusion and mental well being, preventing relapse is cost effective, as carers we have also been assessed and accepted for direct payments which will pay for quarterly breaks to recharge our batteries, ensuring that we can keep on caring for our son.

Many things have contributed to Christian’s recovery first and foremost is LOVE. I can say in all honesty that if it wasn’t for what Christian has to suffer we would not change anything about him – he is a kind, honest compassionate and respectful human being, due to the immense suffering he has endured Christian asks very little from life.

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