A Meagre Cost

 In Poems

If you’re wise you’ll take care of your carers
Because carers really care
Miraculously 24/7 carers are always there
Carers prevent a relapse time and time again
Carers provide such solid support
They cope with the pain and the strain
But carers need to stay healthy
We just can’t afford to be ill
Even though our lives are affected
Carers keep caring still
Carers are cost effective
Reassuring by night and by day
Costing £53-10 pence a week
Such a paltry price to pay
Compare that to the price of inpatient care
Or a fully qualified CPN
Years of training – diplomas – degrees
Now do your sums once again
If you’re wise you’ll take care of your carers
We provide the missing key
Carers provide something vital
Essential to recovery
If you’re wondering what that something is
Be assured it cannot be bought
And no matter how many books you read
That something cannot be taught
Love is the magic ingredient
Without it we’d all be lost
So if you’re wise you’ll take care of your carers
Then you’ll measure the meagre cost

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