Who We Are

 In Poems

Schizophrenia is a learning curve
It’s made us who we are
2 decades on and now your 35
We were shell shocked we were grieving
We marvelled at your strength
Your iron will that helped you to survive
Were aware that you’re a different son
Nothing like the son we knew
The son that we brought up for 15 years
But this was to be our destiny
We could not intervene
We waded through a river made from tears
Schizophrenia is a teacher
It’s taught us all so much
Compassion kindness and humility
Everyone of us has changed
As our journey took it’s course
It’s made us how we all were meant to be
You say I don’t achieve much mum
I’d have a loved a wife and kids
In the workplace? Well I haven’t fared so well
I remind you of your strength your sheer tenacity
How you’ve managed to survive this living hell
So don’t question things we’ve missed
Reflect on what we’ve learned
On this journey that has taken us so far
Lets look forwards to the future
Be aware of what we’ve gained
This has made us all exactly
“Who We Are”

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