The Grim Reaper

 In Poems

(When my son recovered enough to live in his own flat, no less than 100 angry residents staged a protest as they didn’t want the mentally afflicted living there near them. I wrote this to rid me of my feelings.)

How dare they believe they can judge him
When they dont even know his name
If they had any idea of his journey
They would hang their heads in shame
Judge and Jury with misguided beliefs
Not one of them knows the truth
They judge the label he’s forced to wear
Pinned on in his misspent youth
Almost 5 years in rehab fighting each day to stay sane
So bravely he’s fought the demons time and time again
Distorted by the tabloids and the sensational stories
they read they add fuel to the embers of prejudice
Whilst fulfilling the businessman’s greed
How long will injustice reign?
Creating their living hell
Yet if this were a physical illness sweet compassion,
poor lambs not well!!!!!!!!
Not one ounce of praise for their strength
With abuse they are more often met
No cards, no flowers, no comforting words
They fight the Grim Reaper yet
It’s time for some recognition, compassion’s too long
So dig deeply within your resources because one day this could be you!!!!!!!!!!

(taken from “Schizophrenia – Through the maze….”)

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