The One Who Stole Our Son

 In Poems

You stole his youth you stole his life you stole his liberty
You stole the dearest precious gift that life had given me
You stole our hopes you stole his future demolished precious dreams
His life a jigsaw fell apart undone at all the seams
You shattered our lives in the making you took away our hope
Two burning questions why our son? and how will the family cope?
A kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings angry hostile voices
You left him in the wilderness devoid of any choices
Horrific hallucinations invaded every day
Compassion and understanding rarely came our way
We clung together for dear life we leaned on one another
Anxious depleted terrified father, mother, brother
This new imposter looked the same but can he raelly be our son?
An alien invades our lives but his battle must be won
Isolation reigned supreme a sad subservient clone
He longed to do so many things but he was lost and so alone
We fell apart we lost our friends alienated from the norm
Stigma prejudice so inhumane we fight another storm
We watched him suffer felt his pain we witnessed his endless fight
We picked him up we gave him hope to see an end in sight
We grieved for lost relationships all the girls he would have kissed
The normal things he’d been denied all the fun he’d missed
You watched this sheer destruction which went on and on for years
You turned the cruelest blindest eye to a river made from tears
Shell shocked grieving we went on from day to day to day
We fought this monster till at last we finally found our way
But who believed they had the right to push us all this far?

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