The Wheels of Improvement

 In Poems

(Hopes for the future)

The wheels of improvement are turning
They’ve been rusted and seized for years
Decade upon decade of suffering
Created a river of tears
The voice of the carer is louder
It’s been quiet for such a long time
That voice will get stronger and stronger
Even though there’s a mountain to climb
With the wheels of improvement in motion
After grinding almost to a stop
Though the mountain is high and foreboding
We will all make it up to the top!!!!!!!!!
With so many pulling together
And so much to re-arrange
An army of determination will ensure that things finally change
With rethink, NIMHE and partnership trusts all with so much to address
Along with sufferers and carers who all have so much to invest
The light at the end of the tunnel
Is the light of ‘Hope’ brightly burning?
Renewing respect for all sufferers now the
Wheels of improvement are turning

(taken from “Schizophrenia – Through the maze….”)

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