Solvent King

 In Poems

(A Conversation in the Playground)

Have a sniff, d’ya wanna whiff?
I love going high
I use the dosh mum gives me for nosh
To fly up to the sky

Don’t believe ya s’ only glue
My dads got some indoors
He uses it for loads of fings
Even tiles on my mum’s floors

Take a sniff wanna whiff?
S’better than playstation
Don’t cost much I fink it’s cool
Such a great sensation

Gis some more ‘ere then – let me try it
Christ it’s great where d’ya buy it?
I nicked that from the corner shop
I’ve got some butane too
I’ve tried the lot “I’m solvent king”
My favourite is glue

My bruvver started yonks ago
But now e’s into spliffs
He loved sniffin’ just like us
Gis another whiff.

(from “Addict’s Language”)

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