The Hawk

 In Poems

(The Hawk comes from case history 2 in the book; this young man has been addicted to heroin for almost 8 years)

He perches on the railings on each relentless stalk
Swoops down for the pickings, fearless is the Hawk
Shiny ruffled feathers eyes as back as coal
He looks through you with a vengeance that mirrors his black soul

His prey is blind to ruthlessness the Hawk must have his fill
He legs it fast and furious with the contents of the till
He rushes to the crackhouse oblivion at last
The syringe is now his closest friend blotting out the past

His nest is filled with replicas losers dealers thugs
But the Hawk has lost his freedom his wings now clipped by drugs

(* taken from “Addict’s Language”)

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