C.P.T.S.D. Or Me?

 In Poems

This work is about someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a both a victim and a witness to the most appalling crimes that you could ever imagine but he was unable to help his girlfriend or himself the worst part of all is that he has become the prisoner.

The creatures who did this served their time but for him [many years on] his life is still in chains the poem was based on our many conversations.

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Insanity madness over the border
Ticking time bomb hot volcano
Pressure cooker of rage
Lid exploding sheer destruction
Nothing left to gauge
The desolation to my life
Plays havoc with my kids my wife
Sounds AND visions in my head
Memories of that day
Whispering voices repeat the torture
That destiny sent my way
Swallows me up I can’t break free
Connected to CPTSD
Complex traumatic stress disorder
Insanity madness over the border
Psycho loony lost the plot
Manic depressions what you’ve got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pacing tiger in a cage
Anger fury white hot rage
Engulfs my spirit can’t break free
Round in circles IT OR ME?
Were the Professionals let us treat it
Anti psychotics still can’t beat it
Mental turmoil living hell
Imprisoned in my meagre cell
Evil free to walk the streets
Normality remains
Wicked bastards so blind to how
They’ve left my life in chains
I try to curb my anger
But that inflicts more pain
I find the thread then lose it time and time again
Will nothing free my tortured mind
Thoughts of death seem far more kind
Searching for my long lost soul
Revenge remains my only goal
Engulfed by memories waking nightmare
Must find myself I know I’m there!
Painful shackles must break free!
Because it’s me or ‘CPTSD’

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