Perpetrators Creation’ Bears The Label D.I.D

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Recently I watched a documentary on channel 4 about a young woman aged 35 who suffers from DID or Dissociative identity disorder this has to be one of the most complex of all mental illness’s her personality had fragmented into 7 separate people each of them was part of her, years ago I read a book entitled The 3 Faces Of Eve about a woman in America who at one time had over 40 personalities they made a film about her, her 3 main alter ego’s came out most of the time and each protected the other, the young woman in the documentary had suffered the most appalling satanic abuse from the age of 4 and was often unaware that one of them had come out [taken over] and she didn’t remember what had taken place during that time, I can honestly say that nothing has ever moved me more , I was amazed by her courage and honesty and wrote this next poem afterwards.

Attractive unassuming and very quietly spoken
A multitude of horrific memories
Her spirit bruised and broken
How has she lived this life?
Throughout such inner hell
Only she can tell
The Horror and sheer evil
Sweet innocence stolen by hatred
Her mind now filled with piercing screams
Tiny body violated
Her being now fragmented protects the other 6
Each one supports the other through what their pain inflicts
A sweet and innocent 4 year old who adores his cuddly toys
A pleasant kindly 10 year old who brings her so much joy
A serious sensible teenager who tries to run the home
A whole crowd of alter ego’s yet each one is so alone
She listens to her therapist weekly sessions are a must
Sweet relief from so much torment
Foundations built on trust
In the comfort of my living room
I watch her plight in awe
Astounded by her courage her open wounds so raw
I pray that they’ll protect her

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