Schizophrenia – A Mother’s Story

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A Mothers StoryPublication: January 2002
Paperback: 136 pages
ISBN: 1 9038770 3 2

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Schizophrenia is a word that, for many, conjures up a vision of aggression and violence directed indiscriminately at those with whom the person suffering from this disorder comes in contact. In fact, if there is violence, it is often directed inwards, at themselves, and the biggest risk is of suicide.

Grief for the families and the sufferer is added to by the lack of support and often unfeeling remarks of casual acquaintances, and even close friends who no longer see the person as an individual, but instead classify them as ‘nutcases’ or ‘loonies’. This is the language of the ill-informed and this book tries to pierce this blanket of ignorance and tell the story of what a 10-year journey through mental illness is really like. This was a journey taken not only by Georgina’s son, Christian, but by the whole family.

Perhaps this book will go some way towards dispelling the stigma that all too often attaches to this terrible and harrowing disorder, and lead to increased respect for the suffering of those with schizophrenia. Perhaps also, professionals will gain an insight into what it is really like to be a carer and a sufferer.

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